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Japan-Meiri Cho Ibaraki Prefecture-109.2KW

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Location: Nabari Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, an area with a predominantly mountainous terrain that offers unique challenges and opportunities for solar power projects.

Installed Capacity: 109.2 kW, this project is an important step in the transition to sustainable energy in Nabari Town, aiming to utilize the abundant sunlight resources in the area to provide clean energy to the community.

Technical specifications and design

Technical specifications:

Support material: lightweight and strong aluminum alloy was selected to adapt to the complex terrain of the mountainous area.

Structural design: Customized bracket design is used to adapt to different slopes and terrain conditions.

Fixing method: a combination of ground anchors and concrete foundation is used to ensure the stability of the bracket system.

Design features:

The angle of the bracket is adjustable to maximize sunlight absorption and to adapt to the variable solar incidence angle in mountainous areas.

Enhanced windproof structure is designed to take into account the high wind speed in mountainous areas.

The bracket design allows for expansion to accommodate future growth in energy demand.

Environmental Benefits

Environmental benefits:

Expected to contribute to the fight against climate change by reducing about 200 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Reduced dependence on fossil fuels improves local air quality.

Economic Benefits Analysis

Expected Returns:

Through income from electricity sales and government subsidies, the project is expected to recover its costs in 6-7 years.

In the long run, solar power will bring stable economic returns to investors.

Performance Evaluation

Performance Monitoring:

Under ideal sunlight conditions, daily power generation can reach more than 450 kWh.

The overall efficiency of the system meets design expectations and satisfies the installed capacity of 109.2 kW.

Issues and Challenges

Construction Challenges:

Complex mountainous terrain makes construction difficult, requiring precise topographic measurements and bracket positioning.

Special attention needs to be paid to environmental protection during construction to avoid damage to the local ecology.

Technical Challenges:

Need to ensure the durability and stability of the support in the changing mountain climate.

The angle adjustment system needed to be precise to adapt to the sunlight conditions in the mountains.

Kseng Solar specializes in providing solar racking and tracking systems for the residential, commercial and utility-scale solar application.

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