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  • Aluminum Alloy Ground Solar Bracket-Fukui Prefecture Japan 2457KW
    Location: Toheiji in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, an area known for its vast flat terrain and abundant sunshine resources, providing ideal conditions for solar power projects.Installed capacity: 2,457KW. The project aims to utilize Fukui Prefecture's abundant solar energy resources to provide large-scal
  • Japan-Meiri Cho Ibaraki Prefecture-109.2KW
    Location: Nabari Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, an area with a predominantly mountainous terrain that offers unique challenges and opportunities for solar power projects.Installed Capacity: 109.2 kW, this project is an important step in the transition to sustainable energy in Nabari Town, aiming t
  • Aluminum Alloy Ground Bracket-Kashima 3991 Kashima City Japan-Installed Capacity 82.08KW
    Aluminum Solar Ground Racking Project Case in Kashima City, JapanLocation: Kashima City, Japan, a flat piece of land that provides ideal geographic conditions for a solar power project.Installed capacity: 82.08 kW. The project aims to provide clean, sustainable energy to the local community while pr
  • Korea-Solar Metal Roof L-Foot Case 237.39KW
    The solar panels are securely mounted on the metal roofs, ensuring stability and optimal positioning for maximum sunlight exposure. The project aims to harness solar energy and generate clean electricity, reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable energy practices.
  • Peruvia-313.5KW-Solar Ground Structure Adjustable
    The project involves the installation of a solar panel system on the ground, utilizing a specialized ground mounting system. The solar panels are securely mounted on solar photovoltaic brackets that are anchored into the ground, ensuring stability and optimal positioning for maximum sunlight exposu
  • Netherlands-Solar Ground Support Case
    Ground solar panel brackets used in this project are designed to securely hold the solar panels in place, ensuring stability and optimal positioning for maximum sunlight exposure. These brackets are made of high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and can withstand various weather con
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Kseng Solar specializes in providing solar racking and tracking systems for the residential, commercial and utility-scale solar application.

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