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Easy Solar Kit Universal ​Adjustable Angle ​Solar Panel Wall Mounting Bracket

The angle ‒adjustable bracket, developed for achieving good combination with solar kit, which can be installed at flat ground or roof, raillings, balcony and garden. It’s much flexible with adjustable tilt range between 30°~43°to get more energy.
  • Brand Name::

  • Product name::

    Easy Solar Bracket Kit
  • Material:

  • Width of solar module(MM):

  • Length of solar module(MM):

  • Thickness of solar module(MM):

  • Adjustable angle range:

  • Warranty:

    10 YEARS
  • Kseng

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Products Description

Efficient Concentrated Reliable Weather-resistant Rooftop Eco-friendly Low-maintenance Monocrystalline Balcony Solar Bracket

Reliable Eco-friendly Low-maintenance Monocrystalline Efficient Weather-resistant Concentrated Rooftop Balcony Solar Bracket

Characteristics and Advantages:

1.     Easy Installation: The solar bracket is user-friendly and allows for quick and straightforward installation.     It often comes with pre-drilled holes or slots, making it easy to attach to the surface.     The bracket's design simplifies the mounting process, saving time and effort.

2.     Adjustability: The universal easy solar bracket offers flexibility in adjusting the angle and orientation of the solar panels.     This adjustability helps optimize the panel's position for maximum sunlight exposure, enhancing energy generation.

3.     Durability: The solar mounting bracket is made of high-quality materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to outdoor conditions.     It can withstand various weather elements, including wind, rain, and UV exposure.

4.     Cost-effective: Universal easy solar photovoltaic brackets provide a cost-effective solution for solar panel installations.     Its versatility and ease of installation reduce labor and material costs, making it an economical choice for both small-scale and large-scale projects.

Universal Easy Solar Bracket.

Universal Easy Solar Bracket

Product Name Easy Solar Kit Universal Solar Panel Mounting Brackets Ground Railing Wall Installation for Solar Mounting System
Material AL6005-T5, SUS304,EPDM
Standard AS/NZS 1170
Gross weight per bracket(KG) 10
Length of solar module(MM) ≤1800
Width of solar module(MM) 837≤A≤1337MM
Thickness of solar module(MM) 30-50
Adjustable angle range 30~43°
Certificate ISO9001 , CE, etc
Warranty 10 Years Warranty, Over 20 Years Service Life

Product Packaging

Universal Easy Solar Bracket Packing

Kseng Solar specializes in providing solar racking and tracking systems for the residential, commercial and utility-scale solar application.

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