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A Leap Forward to Manufacturing Excellence: Kseng Zhangzhou Manufacturing Base Officially Launched

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On June 7, the grand opening ceremony of Kseng Zhangzhou Manufacturing Base was held successfully in Zhangzhou, China. The event gathered distinguished guests from all over the world, including global customers, suppliers, partners, and Zhangzhou government representatives to witness this significant milestone.

Watch the exciting highlights below


Official Launch Ceremony

The official launch ceremony was conducted by Yu Bin, CEO of Kseng Solar. He said that the opening of new factory is not only a building, but also the embodiment of the dream of our entire team. It will become the cornerstone of our development and growth, and provide better support and guarantee for further optimization of products and service. At the same time, it is also an important step for us to move towards the goal of globalization through building a complete industrial chain to better adapt to and meet the needs of the global market.


Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing

The event continued with a strategic cooperation agreement signed between Kseng, Zhejiang Communication Service Industry Co., Ltd., and Fujian Changye New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., laying a solid foundation for in-depth collaboration in the future.


Tour of Zhangzhou Manufacturing Base

Following the signing, CEO Yu Bin led the guests on a tour of Zhangzhou Manufacturing Base, including casting, extrusion, and oxidation workshops, showcasing the upstream manufacturing capabilities of Kseng's complete industry chain. The integration of operations in Xiamen and Zhangzhou enables a vertically integrated production chain for a seamless process from aluminum ingot casting, extrusion, oxidation, finishing, assembly, and packaging, to the final shipment.


One-stop PV System Conference

In the afternoon, a one-stop PV system conference was hosted, featuring presentations by industry experts from Kseng, LONGi, and Sungrow, who delivered insightful speeches on solar racking systems, modules, and inverters, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of one-stop PV system.


Grand Appreciation Dinner

To express gratitude to global customers and partners, Kseng organized a grand appreciation dinner in the evening. The event was filled with vibrant performances, delightful food and drinks, and interactive lucky draws , creating a lively atmosphere.


With the establishment of the dual manufacturing base and driven by the mission of “Empowering our world with clean energy”, Kseng Solar is now fully equipped to embark on a new journey supporting global solar energy transformation. Looking forward, Kseng Solar will continue to deliver high-quality products, and comprehensive local services to advance solar energy adoption and promote zero-carbon development.

Kseng Solar specializes in providing solar racking and tracking systems for the residential, commercial and utility-scale solar application.

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