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KST-2PM Single Solar Tracker 1 Axis Solar Tracking System Mount Structure

KST-2PM One Portrait Horizontal Single-axis Tracker Solar Tracker.Cost-effective , stable efficient system.Easy installation & maintenance.Al algorithm to maximize power generation.Adapt to various terrains allowing a north-south slope up to 20%
  • Model Number

  • Brand Name:

  • Warranty:

    Structure 10 years Electric conponents 5 years
  • Material:

    HDG Steel AL-Mg-Zn Coating Steel
  • Control algorithm:

    Astronomical algorithm + closed loop(AI Control)
  • Drive System:

    Slewing drive
  • Control system:


kseng solar mounting system海外仓_画板-1

KSENG · KST-2P Solar Tracker

Products Description

Simple Accurate Efficient Energy-saving Automated Intelligent Residential Commercial Single-axis Solar Tracking System    

Automated Intelligent Energy-saving Accurate Simple Efficient Residential Commercial Single-axis Solar Tracking System    

A single axis solar tracking system is a device used in solar power systems to automatically adjust the angle of solar panels based on the position of the sun.  It is designed to maximize the capture of solar energy.

Application Scenarios:

Single axis solar tracking systems are suitable for various solar power installations, including rooftop installations, ground-mounted systems, and large-scale solar farms.  They can be used in diverse geographical locations and climates to enhance the efficiency of solar power generation.


1. Improved Efficiency: Solar tracking systems maximize the efficiency of solar panels by ensuring that they 

operate at their peak performance.  By tracking the sun's movement, the panels receive more direct sunlight, 

reducing energy losses and improving overall system efficiency.

2. Cost Savings: Although solar-tracking-system requires an initial investment, their increased energy 

production can lead to significant cost savings over time.  By generating more electricity, consumers can 

reduce their reliance on grid power and potentially offset their energy bills.

3.  Environmental Benefits: The pv solar tracking system contributes to a more sustainable future by harnessing 

solar energy efficiently.  By generating clean and renewable energy, consumers can reduce their carbon 

footprint and contribute to mitigating climate change.


•Advanced AI Tracking Algorithm

AI self-learning algorithm to optimize the angu-lar deviation caused by terrain and bracket installation errors. Compared with the traditional tracking algorithm, the power generation of the power station can be increased by 2%-3%.

Single Axis Solar Tracking System

Solar Tracking System Multi-drive


Adopt multi-drive with high nature frequency and no resonance risk,which can provide high torque tube protection and allow for a stable operation and accurate transmission.



Technical Specifications


System type
Double Portrait Horizontal Single-axis Tracker Tracking method
Astronomical algorithm+closed-loop control (AI)
PV-Module quantity per row
2Px45、2Px30 Signal transmission
Wire (RS485) or wireless (Zig bee)
Tracking range
±60° (Customized according to project) Drive method
Drive method - Slew Drive
Tracking accuracy
Power supply
AC-powered or self-powered
Motor quantity
1 unit


Wind protection          ≥18m/s            Operating temperature -30°c to +60°c

Rotate to horizontal time

5-6 mins Slope tolerance North-south 10%~20%, East-west no limits
Overload prevention Yes Load design standard 5-year for drive&controller, 10-year for structure

Electrical Control Linkage

Ensure tracking accuracy within ±0.5°by main and

auxiliary controllers

Use electrical control linkage for multi-point
closed-loop control

Achieve closed-loop control with build-in angle detection sensors for main and auxiliary controllers
solar tracking system controllers


Good master of design and architectural standards for the global region, and obtained multiple international authoritative certifications including AS/NZS 117TUVUCECPP and Gamcorp structural certifications.

Tracker System Certifications

Project Gallery

Single Axis Solar Tracker project

Kseng Solar specializes in providing solar racking and tracking systems for the residential, commercial and utility-scale solar application.

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