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C&I solar system
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C&I solar system

Commerical & Industrial Solutions

The application of distributed solar plants in cities has created a new energy utilization model of "power plants on the top and factories on the bottom". The industrial and commercial has huge power consumption, the electricity price is high, the proportion of self-generated and self-consumption is large, thus the payback period is short and the rate of return is high.

System features

1. Diversified system solution can fit different needs as well as tailor-made design.

2. Extending the service life of rooftop, enhancing the heat insulation, making the appearance more beautiful.

3. Total solution makes whole system more stable, reliable and reasonable. 

4. Optimized product structure, simplified installing process.

5. Architectural style and roof shape, to ensure stable and efficient power generation while making your roof look more elegant and beautiful.

6. The quality guarantee of entire system

System Chart

Kseng solar Commerical and industrial solar plants

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